Adonis Polymer
Designer and manufacturer of drainage systems

There is a long time that our country uses old systems of surface water collection. The traditional system has created numerous problems for cities and public places, from which we can refer to flooded street, devastating floods, destruction of paved streets and many accidents occurred in the aftermath of them.
Not to deal with world modern methods has caused huge sum of money to be paid annually for rebuilding the roads and repairing the streets.

In this regard, Adonis Polymer Manufacturing Company was established in 2004 with the aim to collect surface water using concrete components in accordance with the highest international global standards. Engineers of this company with research and study and gaining experience from developed countries were able to devise a new method in this area.
Channels manufactured by Adonis Polymer which are known as smart channels were manufactured in Iran for the first time and was immediately welcomed by various industries across the country. Also, because of the importance of issue, its manufacturing technique was registered in Iran's property Organization.
Reasons of the construction industryís needs for the manufactured products:
As explained earlier, now a very old system is used in the country which is not accepted by any country and all specialists, planners and managers at the top of the affairs are aware of this issue. The problem currently imposed to Municipalities and Water and Wastewater Organization cannot be solved by making any repairs or enlarging waterways as it was not solved by spending the huge sums of money. We should see how other countries have dealt with this issue and could take this problem out of the way. If we estimate the cost of waterways repairs in a year, we can replace 50% of urban channels and solve this problem with the new solution that has for years been a good experience. Technical drawings of the parts prove this theorem. It should be noted that because of the seams comes up on the asphalt due to water movement and the lack of drain, municipalities annually incurs high costs for repairs.
Considering the fact that the water velocity in the channels and channel-holding curbs is 2.5 times more than the common stream in the country and that this channel enjoys the cap; therefore, the waste cannot enter the channel.

New procedures performed in the world with patented technology:
In relation to the environment, which is important in the country, the channels enjoy cap and the particular form that do not permit the harmful animals such as rats live in it. This is one of the most important factors that the construction industry of the country should be able to use this system. So, in general, the needs of country for this industry and products can be declared as follows:
- Cleanliness of the environment in every respect
- Damage caused by water not being discharged into the asphalt and thus we incur costs
- Flooded streets that are creating problems for residents
- Huge Channel maintenance costs due to short life of concrete
- The problems of opening the closed bridges

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